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Manisha’s kitchen is a venture by Manisha Sachin Chitale, passionate cook from Mumbai, India. Without any prior business background or knowledge of the food industry, Manisha established a home catering venture in 2001 with the belief in her love for cooking.

In 2012, Manisha took her business ourt-of-home and established a vegetarian restaurant serving exclusive Marathi or Maharashtrian Cuisine in the streets of Dubai. The seed planted has grown into a tree and another branch was setup in Sharjah in 2013.

The menu is carefully designed with priority to nutritive value of the ingredients and health benefits of Indian spices. Many of Manisha’s Fusion recipes have received praise from people of varied cultures.

In 2015, another venture – ‘Manisha Bakery and Sweets’ was setup in Ajman. It’s production factory for packed savory items, sweets and bakery products under brand name of Manisha’s Kitchen and Yummy Moments. Its products are available with many Groceries, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Madhoor stores and Al Adil Outlets.

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